Trust starts with transparency. We are you. You are us.

This enables an open conversation between all parties and ensures you know we are doing everything we can to drive value back into the collective.

How we make our money


We pass our institutional core pricing and commissions 
to you with a transparent markup applied for straightforward revenue capture.

Market Making

We share in the revenue derived from market making activities or rebates from other market makers our partners may send order flow to.


On leveraged positions, we charge a small markup on top of the swap rates and financing fees we are charged from our liquidity providers.

What we spend our money on

Salary & Benefits

We employ exceptional people who understand the Forex and CFD markets and excel at multiple responsibilities.

Sales & Marketing

No fancy Football club sponsorships. We spread our message through our community and the quality of our service.

Technology Costs

Technology is what helps keeps our costs down, our information secure and our connections fast. It’s money well spent.


Office expenses, legal and professional services, and maybe the occasional pencil and paper. Nothing too exciting here.

Two variables to calculate your profit share

Volume Variable

Volume (converted back into USD terms) is used to capture overall activity and assists in helping to capture markup revenue on select instruments. While volume is usually a good metric it does not automatically equate to revenue, so volume alone is not the sole metric of your value to the collective.

Absolute Profit/Loss Variable

Absolute P/L shows NO bias towards accounts that gain or lose money during the period. So, a trader who earns or loses £1,000 will be treated exactly the same. While both impact revenue in different ways, traders in either scenario are providing value to the collective and will be rewarded equally.

We reward Volume and Absolute Profit/Loss with equal weight applied to both


Your Volume

Total Collective Volume

Absolute Profit or Loss

Your Absolute P/L

Total Collective Absolute P/L

Your Percentage of the Collective’s Profit Share

As you can imagine, sharing net revenue assumes that we make a profit. Profits are not guaranteed and losses can occur. If losses do occur, we need to recover those losses in subsequent periods first before we can share in the net revenue distribution again.

How We Protect the Collective

eqlx is relentless in protecting the collective. While most traders add value to the collective, unfortunately, there are always people looking to abuse the system (which, in turn, affects the overall profit sharing of the collective). While there are many questionable activities that can affect the collective, we will protect the interest of the whole and will remove bad eggs we find to be intentionally causing an imbalance. Here are two scenarios:

The Sinister Hedger

Typical hedging strategies can be prudent and a part of the sophisticated traders toolbox, however there are some hedging systems where the clear purpose is to take advantage of our model without adding any value to the collective.

The Volume Manipulator

High volume systems have a place among trading methodologies, but some are designed only for volume generation. These systems attempt to manipulate the volume weight in our model without adding any value to the collective as a whole.

50/50 Profit sharing with full transparency; that’s how we run our company.

We talk about transparency, but now is your chance to see how transparent we really are. From a breakdown of costs, to profit sharing, take a look at one of our statements. We put everything on the table. Enter your email address and we’ll send you a sample statement.

Sample 50/50 profit share summary - eqlx

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