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About eqlx

eqlx, built by veterans of the forex industry, is creating a revolution in the OTC retail FX and CFD brokerage space. Starting at the ground floor of the OTC forex trading in the late nineties, our founders helped build the forex and CFD market into what it is today working for both GFT as well as Gain Capital (NYSE:GCAP).

Since that time, the OTC brokerage space has changed little, while technological innovations and alternative business models (sometimes referred to as “the sharing economy”) quickly disrupted industries around the world with transparency, cooperation, and sharing as core attributes in this new global economy.

This is where we feel OTC brokerage needs to go next. So we’ve leveraged our decades of industry experience in providing you with the technology, markets, and pricing you’d expect, with the security of an FCA registered broker – all with the innovation and tenacity of a startup.

But eqlx isn’t just about our team, it’s about the collaboration of all of us who add value to the collective for this extraordinary next phase in online OTC forex and CFD brokerage.

Meet Our Team (a.k.a. the only ones willing to take pictures)

Matthew Cartsens - CEO & Co-Founder - eqlx

Matthew Carstens – CEO & Co-Founder

Matthew has worked in the the Forex/CFD industry his entire career. Matthew was Director of FX at Mirus Futures (acquired by NinjaTrader) where he implemented their forex operation. He was also Regional Sales Manager – Institutional Sales at GFT Markets for over a decade (in fact, he was the 5th employee hired) helping to build their Forex and CFD operations and managing new institutional business relationships globally. He also patented a “Randomized Trading Apparatus and Method” (US Patent: 8,015,093) and was awarded “10 Most Innovative Financial Companies” by Finance Magnates for his tradingwheels technology. When Matthew is not thinking about new ways to change the markets, he can be found reading books that nobody understands, eating a good donut (when his wife isn’t looking), or randomly talking to Joe about cryptocurrencies.

Joe Force - Head of Marketing - eqlx

Joe Force – Head of Marketing

Joe has a long history in the Forex/CFD industry, having spent eight years as VP of Global Marketing for GFT Markets. Joe has spent most of his career building and launching high-tech companies. As a marketer, he likes to stare at analytics, tweak patterns and repeat. Joe believes in results, not high-cost branding shenanigans, and is well suited to executing Marketing campaigns while keeping eqlx’s expenses low. Joe holds a patent for “a Method or System of Negotiating Online Transactions”, loves anything to do with pirates (especially video games that include pirates… Rrrrr!) and believes that building good customer experiences is the only way to do business.


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