eqlx — uniting both trader and broker interests.

eqlx started with one small, but fundamentally huge, idea. To level the playing field and build a company where broker and clients are treated equally. We want to build a company where the whole community of traders mutually benefit from the collective’s success of both traders and broker – splitting our profits, 50/50. And to break down the walls and mistrust by being completely transparent in everything we do.

Welcome to our collective. Welcome to eqlx.

Why you’ll love eqlx

50/50 Profit Share Forex Broker - eqlx50/50 Profit Sharing

We split our quarterly profits with our trading community; 50/50. If we have a profit, you get a share as an active participant in the collective.

CFD and Forex Trading - eqlxQuick and Agile

We don’t have hundreds of employees, and we don’t sponsor football clubs. We are lean and drive value back into the collective.

Transparent Forex Broker - eqlxComplete Transparency

Take a peek behind the curtain and see exactly how we run our business. We’ll show you the core rates, markups, and our revenue and expenses.

wide range of forex markets - eqlx900+ Tradable Instruments

From Forex, Gold and Oil, to Indices and even Single Stocks — trade with exceptional pricing and execution.

50/50 Profit sharing with full transparency; that’s how we run our company.

We talk about transparency, but now is your chance to see how transparent we really are. From a breakdown of costs, to profit sharing, take a look at one of our statements. We put everything on the table. Enter your email address and we’ll send you a sample statement.

Sample 50/50 profit share summary - eqlx

Aligned Brokerage

We allocate fifty percent of our quarterly net profits right back to the collective. As an active participant you may share in the collectives net income. This clearly changes the dynamic between broker and trader.

Transparent Flag

Transparency is more than showing you our revenue and expenses but a flag we plant to ensure all of the fantastic people in our collective feel welcomed. We love what we do and don’t hide behind serious faces.

Authentic Values

Regardless of deposit size or monthly volume traded, anyone who is part of the eqlx collective receives the same clean execution and institutional quality pricing as a valued member of the team. We don’t have favourites.

Feel you should be treated as an equalwith your CFD and Forex broker? Join us.